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Wayne Enterprises Chronicles: Week 2

The Dark Knight Logo Mini Victory! It’s great to wake up on Monday morning, know victory is in hand, and have an extra player to run up the score with. My 43 point margin victory is the highest in the league this year.

I take back any rude thoughts or comments I might have had about Arian Foster (23 points), Hakeem Nicks (30 points), and Cam Newton (25 points). Tony Gonzalez and the Ravens DEF chipped in with double digits as well.

Marques Colston and Darren McFadden? Not so much. Run-DMC is troubling because he’s manifesting his usual inconsistency, but he’s my number two running back. At least he’s not injured … yet. I may have to work up a trade or an inspired waiver wire pick. Colston probably won’t even be on my week three roster. I know he’s in a high powered offense, but he’s not delivering at the moment.

Last week every team plays before the bye weeks kick in. Then things get really fun. I feel good about my team, but I need to shore up second positions at RB and WR.

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