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Wizards Worst? Noes!

Wizards Logo 2012 Figures of course. Flip Saunders dismissed. Andray Blatche on the disabled list. The Wizards play better. Not great just better.

But they are no longer threatening for the worst win percentage in league history. What’s that about small victories?

Of course now they’re just down to three stooges. Nick Young is on a one year contract so I’m not too worried about him. I won’t stop holding my breath about Ernie Grunfeld until after the trade deadline. Sure I’d like to see him move Blatche and/or Young, but I’m scared of what might come back. Another Rashard Lewis? Tyrus Thomas? Saw his act when he was first drafted by the Bulls. Hey, Mike Bibby isn’t getting any run in New York! That worked out well last time.

And I was just about to say I could live with Javale McGee until the world was regaled with this lovely reminder of his talents:

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