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Plexus Ranger Chronicles: Week 12

PlexusRangers Logo Small Victory! By the thinnest of margins no less, 0.23 fantasy points. I’m still barely alive for a playoff spot. Maybe The Fantasy Gods are starting to smile on me.

I say that because most of my guys underperformed. DeMarco Murray went over by a point or so. Meanwhile, Rob Bironas, my kicker, exceeded expectations by 5 points. It’s a sad day when your kicker is essential to a win.

My opponent’s team was equally bad, except for one player, Jimmy Graham of New Orleans. Going into Monday night, when the Saints played, my lead was a tick over 23 points. Graham’s been having a good year, in a high powered offense, so 23+ was not out of the question. Given the year I’ve been having, I anticipated this happening. By the 4th quarter, Graham had 22.9 points, I assumed a loss, and I went to bed early. Graham almost had one more catch but got busted up on the play.

And I woke up the next morning with the closest fantasy victory I’ve ever had. Keep hope alive!

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