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Pattern and Waffles

Link parkin: waffles, because I’m now in love with both CLIs and ML.

Waffles seeks to be the world’s most comprehensive collection of command-line tools for machine learning and data mining. Our native tools have minimal dependencies (no interpreter, VM, or runtime environment is necessary), and build cross-platform. If you have a useful data mining tool that meets these criteria, we want it in Waffles.

pattern, because I’m still in love with Python, ML, and information visualization.

Pattern is a web mining module for the Python programming language. It bundles tools for data retrieval (Google + Twitter + Wikipedia API, web spider, HTML DOM parser), text analysis (rule-based shallow parser, WordNet interface, syntactical + semantical n-gram search algorithm, tf-idf + cosine similarity + LSA metrics) and data visualization (graph networks).

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