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Rediscovered Treasure

Scott Hardkiss Cover One of the tracks on DJ Heather’s Tangerine that really stands out is DJD’s Shake It For Me. Probably the top track of the mix, highly memorable.

I’d like to think it was some serendipitous hand of a deity that made me dial up Scott Hardkiss’ United DJ’s of America, v17 entry this week, but it was probably just randomness. I hadn’t listened to this mix in over a year according to iTunes. The only reason I carry it on my iPhone is that I’m a completist for the United DJ’s series. Imagine my surprise when Shake It For Me hits the headphones.

But I was even more surprised at how solid end-to-end the entire mix is. Discogs.com classifies the CD style as: “progressive house, house, disco,” and it’s damn hard to pigeonhole. Shake It For Me isn’t even the best track, transcended for me by Static Revenger’s Happy People, the whacky Disco Rockin’ by Plastic vs Conga Squad, C-Mos’s 6-2 Young, Boozy + Swan’s Don’t Touch That, and Armand Van Helden’s Full Moon featuring a guest appearance by Common.

Shake It For Me definitely kicks off a great run off tracks, and I’m glad that I rediscovered this treasure. Definitely in the rotation for the near future.

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