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Plexus Rangers Chronicles: Week 9

PlexusRangers Logo Small While the even week win trend was busted last week, the odd week losing skid continued. Brutality abounded in multiple ways:

  • The opponent, in the league’s last position, was 1 and 7 entering play.
  • I had a great matchup with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers going against the San Diego Chargers. Problem was the other side had Philip Rivers and Vincent Jackson. Rodgers gave me 30 points, but Rivers, despite two pick-sixes, and Jackson teamed up for 66+.
  • Miles Austin pulled a hamstring in the first half. Thanks for the 6 points buddy.
  • For the second time this season, I played a defense that went for negative points. 7 players versus 8 is a tough get.
  • I knew I had lost by the end of the 4 PM games. I was down 7 points, and the opponent still had two players left to go. So I lost 7 versus 6.
  • The final killer, I had Julio Jones and DeMarco Murray on the bench leading to a net of about 28 points wasted. I didn’t start Murray because I didn’t want to go with 3 Cowboys on my roster. But I didn’t really consider benching Austin for Jones and playing Murray. Duh!

I’m in 7th out of 8 teams, with 5 games to play. Every opponent this year has scored 100+ fantasy points against me. I lead the league on Points Against by 130+. A player in my starting lineup has gotten injured each week. This just might not be my year.

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