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Plexus Rangers Chronicles: Week 8

PlexusRangers Logo Small Even week! Must be a win right! Wrong.

I go into the Sunday night game with over 85 points, a 7 point lead, and 2 players left: Miles Austin and Jason Witten. Going against the Eagles no less. Sure, my opponent had LeSean McCoy who I knew could bust out, but 2 prime players against 1 should be advantage Rangers.

Sadly, I would only go on to add 9 more points (jeez I hate the Cowboys) while McCoy hit for 33. The Plexus Rangers lost by 17 points. And just to rub the salt in my wounds, I didn’t start the Rams’ Steven Jackson. 33 points sitting on my bench.

We’ve had one go round through the league plus one. Every game I’ve had 100 points scored against me. Makes for a 3 and 5 record, 7th place in an 8 team league, and in bad playoff position. At least I’m only 2 games out in the loss column.

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