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Plexus Ranger Chronicles: Week 10

PlexusRangers Logo Small Back on an even week, and got a win. Broke two streaks. First, a three game losing skid, and then the opponent scoring 100+ fantasy points every week so far.

However, the injury bug strikes yet again. This week Julio Jones goes down early to a hammy.

Otherwise, this was a laugher. DeMarco Murray delivered 26 big fantasy points, along with Larry Fitzgerald finally going nuclear for 30+. The supporting cast included contributions from Steven Jackson and Rob Bironas? Gotta love it when your kicker chips in 13 points. Raspberry though for the KC DEF, who only scored 1 point against Team Tebow.

With those four guys, I beat my opponent. He made the unfortunate choice of starting both Darren Sproles and Mark Ingram for a combined total of 4.2 points. A final opposing total of 76 points was much appreciated.

Oh! Almost forgot about the 34 points that Aaron Rodgers threw in for me. It’s starting to feel like 25+ is routine for him.

Let’s see if I can get back-to-back wins and lurch back into the playoff hunt.

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