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MongoDB and Python

Python and MongoDB Cover No apologies for going back to back on Python posts. I’m slowly easing back into exercising and spent a 1/2 hour on the stationary bike today. Great opportunity to put the Kindle to use, and I did so knocking out about half of Niall O’Higgins’ Mongo DB & Python. Very productive use of my time.

At 50 printed pages, it’s a slim tome, but O’Higgins so far has done two things really well. First, in about two or three pages he succinctly summarizes the differences between MongoDB and typical RDBMS systems. Frankly I found 10Gen’s documentation to be pretty poor in this regard. Second, some time is spent on the MongoDB operators that can atomically mutate embedded documents. This is somewhat the equivalent of Redis’ atomic data structures, although not quite as clean in my opinion. Take that with a boulder of salt as I’ve used neither MongoDB nor Redis for even minor experiments much less in production. The key point is that I learned MongoDB is somewhat closer to Redis than I thought.

At $19.99 MongoDB & Python seems a bit pricey for the page count, but I bought the e-book version, which is cheaper, and got a half off deal. So I only wound up paying $8 which is quite is reasonable.

Apropos of nothing. My Kindle is showing some cracks in the casing. It’s less than a year old! Then again, My Little Guy(™) has gotten a hold of it a few times.

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