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Giving Thanks

When people ask, “How ya doing?” my stock response now is, “Oh I can’t complain.” And if they tell me, “Yeah, you can,” I say “No I can’t. No one would care and it would make me look ungrateful for all that I’ve been given.”

Which usually gets a thoughtful pause.

So in the spirit of the day here’s why no-one should catch me complaining.

  1. Family. My Little Guy (™) and the wonderful wife I’ve been granted with. Not to mention relatively healthy parents, lovable in-laws, a spry 85 year old grandmother, and an overachieving kid sister.

  2. Friends. I don’t have a big gaggle of ‘em, and I don’t keep in touch as much as I should, but boy are they an interesting and successful lot. From going up in the Space Shuttle to doing startups to just grinding away for one company for 20+ years. I’m glad for each and every one of them.

  3. Work. I’ve got a job. It doesn’t completely suck. The tasking is often quite interesting and there’s a decent bit of creative latitude. It pays well. The people are mostly smart. My boss likes me. His boss likes me. Other high muckety mucks seem to like what I’ve done.

  4. Health. Okay, so I can’t really play Ultimate anymore, but with any luck I’ll be able to at least fake my way through a pickup game this upcoming summer. Maybe even play summer league. And thanks to my job, I can afford a Cadillac health plan, which I have definitely been using. Every time I go to the doctor, they tell me nothing’s wrong and the reimbursement coordinator gawks at how little I have to pay.

  5. Finances. No personal debt. No mortgage. No auto loan. A sizable emergency fund. A decent, if not great, retirement account.

Now if I could only get back on a roll with a hobby hacking project and read more books, life would be pretty close to complete.

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