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GeoIQ Streaming

GeoIQ Logo Through work, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Matt Madigan and Sean Gorman (along with a few others) at GeoIQ, nee FortiusOne. Love their browser based mapping products, and even snuck a few maps into some projects. Failed to ever ignite a larger project, but there’s still hope.

Thanks to an Andy Hickl retweet, I got wind of GeoIQ’s streaming data features. The capability for real-time ingest of data and updates to maps was something I was really looking for in my work projects. Congrats to the GeoIQ team!

Now that I’ve got a pile of geo-tagged data, I might try and test drive the features on GeoCommons as a hobby project. Chris Helm also does a great job of going a layer down and highlighting the tech GeoIQ is using to implement this capability. Hmmm, a vote on the positive side of the ledger for MongoDB.

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