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Blogaversary and Macavesary 3

About This Mac Snap Well the dates slipped by early last month, without jostling a remembrance on my part. But it’s been over three years since I started this blog which was mainly driven by the fact that I had a new, bottom of the line, MacBook I needed to put to use.

Functionally, the computer’s been holding up pretty well. Of course I lust for one of the new PowerBooks or Airs, but day to day my trusty old MacBook easily supports what I need to get done. The physical elements are showing a bit of wear and tear. Battery doesn’t quit fit correctly. Parts of the body are chipped and dinged. Still a keeper though.

As for the blog, Ev Williams pointed out “You have to be a bit more dedicated to blog than to tweet or post on [Facebook] now and then.” Except I don’t really tweet or use Facebook, so I have no excuse. I’ve had some good runs in the past, but I’ll be trying to elevate the dedication over the next few months.

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