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Warren Hammond’s Ex-KOP

Ex KOP Cover Hey! I actually managed to finish another book on my Kindle. Actually I’ve completed a handful more since I got the device as a Christmas gift. But this is the first book I’ve felt inclined to write about.

Ex-KOP is a sequel to KOP. Going back to the destitute jungle planet Lagarto, we find our favorite dirty cop Juno Mozambe a broken shell of himself after the events of KOP. Events lead to a severe downward spiral led by a procession of depressing characters alternatively cynical, scummy, evil, naive, or a combination of all four. Finally, about two-thirds of the way through the book, Juno starts getting his mojo back, and the mystery gets interesting.

Of course, he has to euthanize his wife to get the ball rolling, but that’s Ex-KOP for you.

Again, not great, not awful, but satisfying. If you’re a fan of a fabulous turn of language, or a tightly efficient plot, look elsewhere. If you’re into an easy read dark noir, give Ex-KOP a whirl.

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