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Bluetooth Jollies

Creative D100 Speaker Bear with me, I’m easily amused.

My personal laptop has been parked on a desk for quite a while now. So since it has my full iTunes collection, I thought I’d jack in some speakers and use it as a flexible stereo. Plugging some old Dell PC castoffs into the line-out socket didn’t quite work out as well as I thought it would. The audio was just plain crappy and the wires made a mess.

Biding my time I finally bit the bullet and bought a Creative D100 Bluetooth wireless speaker. ($65 cheap, on Amazon). At first I was simply stoked to have a convenient way to go from headphones to speaker in the middle of a DJ mix when I got home from work. But things got better when I paired the speaker with my MacBook and used the iTunes Remote on my iPhone to control iTunes on the laptop. For some reason, I get a lot of pleasure out of using a $500 phone as a glorified remote to have a $1000 laptop (at least it’s 3 years old) wirelessly feed a $65 pair of speakers.

Like I said, easily amused.

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