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Salute the ‘Tute

MIT Logo As a proud graduate (1989 6-3) of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the Institute is winding down the celebration of its 150th year. And that was a pretty productive 150 years for one institution.

There’s plenty of stuff kicking around on the Interwebs about what a great place it can be, but I really liked Ed Pilkington’s take on MIT in the UK Guardian. Over and above the outstanding engineering performance, Pilkington gets into the openness to excellence simultaneously nurturing the wackiness of the Media Lab and the seriousness of Noam Chomsky.

And as a true blue 6-3, who UROPed at the LCS, it pains me to say something nice about the Media Lab. Ha, ha. Only serious.


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