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The Kindle Platform

Kindle Wi-Fi.png One nice thing about Amazon’s Kindle is that it’s not a singular device but a multi-device platform.

This past Saturday, I hopped on the Metro to meet my Dad for the Wizards vs Celtics basketball game (Wiz Win! Wiz Win! Go home Massholes! Clap, clap, clapclapclap). There’s a pretty long ride from Northern VA into downtown DC. Traveling light, I didn’t bring the Kindle, but I was lamenting it’s absence.

The lightbulb finally went off. I realized that I had my iPhone 4, with the Kindle App installed. Synced my farthest location in Rudy Rucker’s Software and finished it up before I reached the Verizon Center.

And Calibre definitely makes it easy to get free books onto the Kindle, not to mention Amazon’s built-in e-mail transfer service.

Although they really need to let users customize the standby images displayed when the device is “off”. Or at least let you set it to blank. I can only take so many literary giants.

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