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New Year for the Gadgeteer

Apple Gear.jpg

Don’t know what happened, but in 2010 I turned back into a gadget nut.

January 1, 2010 all I had was an iPod Nano, a bottom of the line MacBook, and a crappy old cell phone.

As of January 1, 2011 I have general access to:

  • an iPod Touch 3G

  • an iPhone 4

  • an iPad (Christmas gift to my wife)

  • a well provisioned MacBook Pro (work laptop)

  • a Kindle 3G

  • Updated: a 43” HD Television

Heck, I even broke out my old PSP to play Lumines after the iPhone version pissed me off.

We’ll see how much time I get on the iPad. My wife has taken to it pretty well. But I should have quite a bit to say this year about the iPhone 4 and the Kindle.

Miiine! All mine!

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