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Ahead of Schedule

Neuromancer Cover.jpg Typically, for whatever reason, January is a slow reading month. If I’d actually had even a half decent pace, some of these past years I might have been able to read 40+ — 50 books in a year.

Thanks to my new Kindle, looks like that might change. Of course to baptize the device, I had to read a classic, and what better than William Gibson’s Neuromancer. Per usual with every read, my opinion of Case lessens, but I’m struck by how relevant and timely the vision still is. This time around the Panther Moderns vs SenseNet scene is eerily reminiscent of Gnosis busting Gawker’s chops, the various Anonymous/4Chan hacks, and WikiLeaks. Complete with overboard response by various authorities.

But today I also completed reading Charle’s Stross’ The Fuller Memorandum, third in the Laundry Series. New Year’s vacation made some available time, but on public transit the Kindle is so convenient there are a plethora of reading opportunities. The other nice thing about the Kindle is that, presuming you’ve stocked up, as soon as you finish a book, there’s another one handy to begin.

Despite the promising start, I’m going to put myself on a modest 30 book target for the year. I will say the Kindle definitely agrees with me, although it suffers from the gravitational pull of the iOS touch interface. I often find myself trying to “swipe” on my Kindle. But once you get into a page clicking groove, man does the text get chewed up.

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