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Doom Patrol Chronicles: Week 2

The above YouTube clip was pretty much my week in a nutshell. Except the Titans even lost on top of it all.

Hopefully this is CJ2K’s worst stat line of the year. And it was truly awful. 34 rush yards? 19 receiving yards? 1 lost fumble? 0 TDs? Brutal. Given that Chris Johnson is a must start, my team basically can’t win if he has awful fantasy output like this.

Tom Brady wasn’t particularly helpful either with 2 picks and a lost fumble. My kicker and defense also were below projections for the week.

On the positive side, thank goodness Brady filled up Wes Welker’s stat line. Also, Calvin “Megatron” Johnson produced this week. But it’s tough to win with only those two.

The only upside is that I was off my optimal lineup by only 2 points. And still would have list by 14.

Update. Apologies for tweaking with the feed.

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