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Here Come the Hawks!

Blackhawks Logo.gif

When the Chicago Blackhawks jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the Stanley Cup Finals, I thought they were going to cruise to the championship. Got to give the Flyers credit for fighting back to tie the series. Most people realize the Hawks are the better team, but Philly is showing a lot of grit. At the end of the day, their goaltending might finally bite them in the ass.

Great moves by Joel Quenneville, breaking up the first line and sparking the O. I flipped away to watch some of the Lakers-Celtics, flipped back and the Hawks were up 3-0 in Game 5.

I’m sure there a lot of Chicagoans expecting the big time collapse, but I’m not seeing it. The Blackhawks ain’t the Cubs. The Bulls got over the hump. The White Sox got over the hump. The Bears made it to the Super Bowl with a mediocre (at best) QB, almost managed to beat one of the greatest QB’s of our generation, and frankly were not the better team.

What’s better than playoff time in Chicago? Championship time in the summer baby!

P. S. Speaking of the Lakers, they’re in a bit of trouble, but keep in mind Ray Allen had to have a historic game to keep the Celtics in Game 2. Then the Lakers just fell apart for no apparent reason. If the Lakers can make a couple of adjustments to slow Allen down, without giving up a lot to Paul Pierce and/or Rando, they can get one or two in Boston. I’m sorry, KG can’t go for 40 any more and Perkins isn’t even looking for his shot. So I’d help off of the big guys and take my chances.

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