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Swordfish, Guilty Pleasure

Swordfish Poster.jpg Swordfish, the 2001 movie, resurfaced on HBO this week and I snagged it on the DVR. Despite it’s amazing mean-spiritedness, somewhat ludicrous plot, and abysmal portrayal of hackers I enjoyed the movie on DVD a few years ago and still enjoy it today.

Could it be:

  • The overtalented cast starting with Halle Berry and including John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, Sam Shepard and Don Cheadle?

  • The insanely poor timing of a film featuring a shadowy, potentially terrorist “protagonist” being released a little over three months before 9/11?

  • Did I mention Halle Berry? Did I mention Halle Berry in lingerie?

  • The in media res opening scene with self-reflective, meta-cinema, philosophical discussion?

  • A cameo appearance by William Gibson’s Neuromancer?

  • Did I mention Halle Berry? Did I mention Halle Berry topless for the first time ever?

The film’s even managed to date pretty well and stay topically relevant, what with Jackman’s character trying to regain his daughter from his pornstar ex-wife. Not unlike a certain current day custody dispute.

Swordfish is definitely a piece of trash, but it’s intelligent enough to be a lot of smirky fun.

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