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Support Your Indie Mac Developers

Carbon Copy Cloner Icon.jpg I’ve mentioned in the past a need to make some donations and/or purchases for Mac software I use frequently. I recently posted a donation for iStat Menus and today I anted up a small contribution for Carbon Copy Cloner. Putting my money where my mouth is.

Also, a bunch of indie Mac developers are participating in the One Finger Discount campaign as parallel to the MacHeist Nano campaign. 20% off from a whole bunch of small Mac development shops. The intent is to be more developer friendly and get people out of the habit of expecting top notch professional software to be free.

So I used the the discount code to upgrade my version of Flying Meat Software’s Acorn image editing app. I originally got Acorn as part of last Christmas’ MacHeist bundle. That’s at least one positive conversion.

If you like good Mac software, get out there and give the devs some love…and money.

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