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October Books Completed

oryx and crake cover.jpg A much better job of staying on task this month. There’s also a short blog entry for each of these books this month. Not exactly a review but a quick hit instant reaction.

  • Oryx and Crake, Margaret Atwood. A scathing satire of humanity’s inhumanity, our relationship with nature, and the hubris of bioengineering. Both disturbing and hilarious, the novel is also cleverly plays with language.

  • This Is Not A Game, Walter Jon Williams. Just a good solid thriller or piece of near-time speculative fiction depending upon your perspective. Not a classic in my book, but good old science fiction comfort food.

  • Thirteen, Richard K. Morgan. Another alpha male mystery/odyssey from Morgan. Has some interesting themes, but also has a tough time standing up to the Takeshi Kovacs series.

  • The Godfather, Mario Puzo. If you’re really into the movie version, then The Godfather is worth reading for some missing backstory. Otherwise, spend your time elsewhere.

After last month’s reading slowdown, I got reinvigorated and read more consistently. Four more down, makes for 30 completed on the year. Five more to complete the target reading goal for the year. Well within range.

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