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Doom Patrol Chronicles: Week 8

Doom Patrol Fantasy Football Icon.jpg Arrrrgh! What a frustrating week of fantasy football. Hopefully this will be the nadir for the season.

For the first time this season, I had a losing week, going 1-3. Based upon projections I had two lock wins, one close loss, and one definite loss. The lock win I lost had a predicted spread of 57 POINTS in my favor. My team only scored 57 points total and lost by 36. Criminy.

Doom Patrol Prime was the underdog, but if there was potential for an upset this was the game. Well, none of my players overachieved. Meanwhile, for the second week in a row, my opponent had the week’s high score. What can you do.

Amazingly, this team is still in second place and a playoff berth. However, there are 8 teams within 1 game of the final three playoff spots. The stretch run will be interesting.

Doom Patrol Beta rolled. The team managed to survive Houston’s Steve Slaton getting benched early in his game and generating negative points. This team is 7 and 1, up 2 games in the loss column with 6 to play. Seems to be in good shape.

Another torturous defeat for Justice Society. Went down to the wire in the Monday night game, despite being a big underdog. Praying for the New Orleans to get a pick 6, a sack, a fumble, anything is not a winning position. Currently this team is way out of the playoffs and can’t seem to score enough to be viable. I’m just hoping not to wind up in the basement.

All I have to say about The New Mutants, is never trust secondary starters on medium to crap teams. This means you Jacksonville Jaguars. This fantasy team had a lousy three touchdowns total. At least my most painful bye week is over and I can get New England’s Tom Brady and Wes Welker back in the lineup. And somehow, this team is holding down the only wildcard playoff spot in the league. Go figure.

Now that I clearly know what the holes are in each team, I’m looking to do some trades. Hasn’t been any such activity in all four of the leagues I’m in, which seems sort of weird. I’ve got two offers out:

  • Doom Patrol Prime: Hakeem Nicks and Joe Flacco for Knowshon Mareno and Visanthe Shiancoe

  • Doom Patrol Beta: Jonathan Stewart for Brandon Marshall

Awaiting responses. Still hoping for that undefeated week.

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