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Recently Completed

Quick logging of books recently completed. The Shockwave Rider Cover.jpg

  • Daemon, Daniel Suarez. Frustratingly horrible. I know factions of the digerati love this book, but it’s poorly written, weirdly plotted, and comes off as ridiculously fanboyish. There was interesting conceptual potential, but it was butchered by poor execution of the techno-thriller format.

  • The Shockwave Rider, John Brunner. I thought I had completed this once before, but my memories didn’t align with the ending. In any event, I know I started it recently and then left the book on an airplane. Anyway, a really good read and dates well despite its underpinnings in mid-70’s Alvin Toffler futurism.

  • Brasyl, Ian MacDonald. An entertaining, but not quite brilliant, combination of historical adventure ala Cryptonomicon, near-present techno-cultural study like Spook Country, and near future speculative fiction. All blended into the riotous cultural stew (from these Western eyes), that is Brasilia, wrapped up in a bow of quantum computing.

That makes 10 books for the year. If I have a good June and knock out 5 more, I might be closing on the 35 book target.

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