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Not Quite Nirvana

FastScriptIcon128.jpg So while my information trapping approach is working well in terms of catching stuff from my various GReader accounts, it falls down on my personal laptop. E-mailing links essentially means sending mail from myself to myself. GMail happily receives such e-mails but doesn’t run filters on them, foiling my carefully crafted instant labeling/filing scheme.

Since GMail supports IMAP, I thought I’d give programming a workaround a shot. Adding my own messages to IMAP folders turned out to be easier than I thought, thanks to Python. Pulling info out of apps through AppleScript/Python appscript is more painful than I anticipated. Still I’ve managed to get notetaking from within Safari down to making a selection and hitting a keystroke. That’s with a little help from Red Sweater’s FastScripts.

I think I’ll be anteing up for FastScripts soon. Scripting the Mac with Python is F-U-N!

And should be a short step to getting something working for NetNewsWire, where I do my heaviest feed reading on the Mac.

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