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Flirting With Safari

Safari Logo.jpg Late last year I rejoined my long time browsing love, Firefox. It’s been a good run, but there’s a big issue with Firefox on the Macintosh. Scriptability. Being able to drive applications with AppleScript, and consequently other languages like Python, is a big distinguisher on the Mac. Despite the quirks, scripting works way better than on Windows, and can be a real boon to productivity. I’ve been looking at application scripting as a means to make my information trapping as frictionless as possible.

Looks like the upcoming version of Firefox will still suck at scripting.

So now I’m going to take Safari out for an extended spin. Looking at my Firefox usage, the only significant missing feature was extensions. Only two were important: TabMixPlus (mainly for session saving), and ColorfulTabs. I can live without the latter and it seems like there are Safari extensions to deal with the former.

We’ll see how it goes. There have been a couple of minor muscle memory issues so far, but things look promising.

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